Packing Essentials for Next Yacht Charter

Your luxury yacht charter Newport Beach vacation is booked, you are excited to go sailing, and then you realize you have no idea what you should pack! Chartering yacht rentals at Newport beach is a different kind of vacation from a hotel stay. It is a great idea to organize your sailing packing list so that you don’t forget anything. In addition to your clothes and personal items, you’ll need to pack some essential sailing items and emergency items to avoid a mishap.

Essential Things to Know About Packing Before Next Yacht Charter

Review the list of what your boat comes with, and then make sure that you bring the rest of the essential items. The following tips will help you pack the right things, make the most of your space, and ensure that you have everything you need.

Preparations before the Travel:

  • Make sure you check the wind and weather forecasts in advance of your luxury yacht charter at Newport Beach
  • Make a list of everything you plan to bring. Eliminate a handful of items you thought you needed that you now realize you don’t. Continue until you are packed light & tight the next day.
  • You may want to bring clothing that you no longer need. Donate them to a local charity, use them as a cleaning towel, or throw them away. In this way, you will have space to bring gifts, mementos, wine, etc. back home.

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Packing For the Travel

Pack accordingly, as a yacht charter is very different from a resort vacation or cruise vacation. So don’t pack according to your usual routine. There is limited space onboard for luggage, so packing for yacht rental at Newport Beach may require some restraint.

Packing for Yacht RentalLuggage

As a first step, you should consider taking soft-sided luggage that will be easy to fold away, since there is often limited space on a luxury yacht rental at Newport Beach. Pack your stuff in duffel bags, which can be stored easily. Suitcases made of hard materials are difficult to store and may scratch and damage woodwork and paint.


When guests are on board, most Newport Beach yacht rentals have a “bare feet” rule. It is advisable to wear tennis shoes and white sandals with rubber soles when on the deck. Sandals with stiletto heels can damage the teak decking, while black soled shoes can leave unsightly scuff marks, so they are not allowed. You can wear land shoes ashore, but be sure to remove them when returning to the boat.


On a luxury yacht, you can expect to wear summer clothing such as bathing suits, light t-shirts, skirts, and shorts. If you are planning to spend time in the sun, sea, and sand, pack clothes that will keep you cool. Pack some light cotton or linen trousers, collared shirts, and summer dresses if you plan to eat ashore since most establishments have a “smart casual” dress code. Bring t-shirts to protect your skin from the sun if you plan on taking to the water or riding a Jet Ski.

Sun Protection

Despite the sea breeze, the tropical sun and its reflections from white surfaces and the water can cause sunburn. Sunglasses, hats, caps, and sunscreen with a high SPF rating are absolute essentials, as are long-sleeved clothing for protection from the sun during the day and soothing lotion for skin protection. Teak decks and sunbed cushions can be stained with tanning oil, so crews prefer that you leave it behind.

Personal Items

You will have plenty of time to yourself on the Newport Yacht Rental charter. It is a good idea to pack a few good books or magazines, a personal music player, and of course a camera (preferably water-resistant) to capture all the memorable moments. Don’t forget your mobile and camera chargers, batteries, and power cords. Also, carry some waterproof bags for all important documents.

Medical Supplies

In some destinations, it may be difficult to fulfill foreign prescriptions. You should bring any medicine you need in its original packaging with your doctor’s authorization.

Some Useful tips

  • Keep your valuables at home, especially those that aren’t waterproof.
  • Don’t pack too much clothing; you might not wear half of it.
  • Don’t forget to pack an extra bag for souvenirs.
  • Bringing more than one hat is a good idea since the wind occasionally takes your hat.
  • It is hard to find things like camera batteries in non-touristy areas. Take them with you.

Final Words

Chartering a yacht is the ultimate getaway from everyday life. It’s the perfect way to unwind. Contact your Newport Yacht Rental charter agent today, the crew will make every effort to cater to your personal preferences and make your yacht feel as if it’s your home away from home during your charter.

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How to Choose Transport for Your Adventure Party?

Sailing on a yacht, exploring miles of pristine coastline, partying with friends, and having a whole lot of adventure fun – if this sounds like your idea of the perfect summer vacation with friends, then a yacht adventure party is perfect for you.

A yacht party adventure is the ideal holiday adventure for sailing enthusiasts who enjoy partying, relaxing, and sailing onboard a yacht. An Adventure Yacht Party is more than just a weekend party on a luxury yacht charter at Newport Beach; it’s about giving friends and family an unforgettable experience. Chartering a private party yacht presents this wonderful opportunity to celebrate, relax and be able to take advantage of the onboard water sports equipment.

Here are few points you should consider before you plan your sailing adventure.

Selecting the Vessel

All vessels have a maximum capacity within which they must operate. A clear understanding of your guest numbers is essential as you plan your yacht rental party so that you can book the right vessel for the size of your group. Allowing a little room for changes in guest numbers is a good idea, but remember that you’re locking in that particular vessel when you confirm your booking.

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Keeping in mind that the cheapest yacht rental at Newport Beach may not meet your needs or, in contrast, the most expensive option may be superior. A larger, older boat, for instance, may cost the same amount as a newer, smaller vessel because of its age, condition, and onboard facilities.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to blow your budget to get what you want. You’ll have a clear understanding of the costs when you weigh your budget options before you depart.


Experienced Newport Beach yacht rental brokers should be able to suggest the best locations if you do not have a specific location in mind. Moreover, your charter broker should be familiar with the crew onboard each yacht.

Make sure to specify the type of charter ride you desire and the destination preferences. How would you like to travel? When is the best time to cruise? What type of experience you choose and when you want to travel will determine the location of the yacht charter?

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Newport yacht rentals charters will have a wide range of amenities that will vary according to their specifications. Charter yachts can be upscale floating resorts. They offer a variety of activities and entertainment options, plus you can head ashore often if you crave a change of scenery. You just need to decide what amenities are most important to you.

Onboard activities

There are endless activities on the yacht to keep you entertained. Looking for some fun? Enjoy the onboard jump, a cocktail party, or a night out at your beach club. Would you like to give something a try? Learn how to make a cocktail with the interior crew or take a cooking class with the chef.

From spa soaks to night-long yacht parties, whether you prefer a classy cocktail hour with friends or a dinner party with lots of wine, it’s all possible with a luxury yacht charter at Newport Beach.

Aquatic Activities

When you’re on a yacht charter, the sea is your oyster. If you choose a luxury yacht charter at Newport Beach, you’ll have your choice of water toys and activities. Tenders, kayaks, sea bobs, paddleboards, and jet skis are just a few of the options available. Fancy a swim? Check out the coral up close while snorkeling. There is no doubt that almost everyone enjoys the thrill of gliding down the yacht’s slide.

Land Activities

There is something delightful and exotic about luxury yacht charters at Newport Beach. From the epic seaside towns to the deserted islands, these yacht charters can take you anywhere. The experiences onshore are simply breathtaking.

No matter what port of call you choose, you’ll find a new destination or experience at every stage of your journey. If you need suggestions, you can ask your interior crew. You can also enjoy ATV tours, hiking, cliff-diving, tours, wine tastings, dancing, and beach picnics depending on your destination.

Concluding thoughts…

Booking and choosing the right kind of vessel for a perfect sailing adventure party can be a daunting task, so we put everything you need at your fingertips to make that happen.

Newport Beach yacht charter company OCYachtRentals prides itself on providing exquisite experiences for its customers. You can rent a yacht with OC Yacht Rentals for a private excursion, friends’ get-togethers and parties, or a corporate team bonding trip.

Top 5 Beach to Charter a Yacht

Ontario’s pristine waters, delightful banks, and world-class marinas are perfect for a yachting experience. One thing that you must not, however, leave out of your yacht itinerary is a day at a beach club. Whether it is a historical wonder that you want to visit, or a terrace dance club lit by a full moon that you want to groove at, Toronto beaches have it all. And what better way to cover it all than take a yacht from Orange County yacht rentals ca?

Below are the top 5 beaches to charter a yacht:

1. Sauble Beach

218 kilometres away from the city of Toronto, it is a seven-kilometre stretch of white sand. From swimming, surfing, eating to kiteboarding – it has it all. It is a must-visit if you have kids – the sandcastle building is really fun with the fine white sand. Also, you can experience one of the best sunsets here. Sauble beach is one of the ‘Top 10 beaches in the world as rated by Toronto Star.

2. Cherry Beach

If you want to stop for a cliché picnic under the trees, this is your place. Little pooches running around with their owners, surfers and kiteboarders on a show and a nice small Fry truck make this a favourite. You would also find one of the best sailing clubs and schools near Cherry Beach. This is one of the beaches that remain calm during summers, and its waters are warmer than any other beach on Lake Ontario.

3. Hanlan’s Point Beach

Situated near Toronto Islands, Hanlan’s Point Beach has been a traditional sunbathing spot. One of the most preferred beaches in Toronto, it also has a ‘clothing optional’ beach area which was approved in 2002. Despite being in close proximity to the Toronto Harbor, it boasts of great water quality, making swimming a good experience. Yachting is quite popular here, and one can find numerous yacht chartering services on Hanlan’s Point. You’d often see a sailboat in a setting sun picture of this Canadian beach.

4. Woodbine Beach

Located in Toronto, this urban beach is a very popular waterfront. The nearest beach to a residential area in Toronto, Woodbine is the largest beach with all sorts of water sports facilities. Located next to the Kew – Balmy Beach and Ashbridge’s Bay, this is a part of the Woodbine Beach Park.

5. Newport Beach

Now if you’re into yachting, Newport beach may be the right place to be at. Because at Newport, yachting is not just an activity – it’s a lifestyle, designed by the best of Newport beach yacht rentals. Yacht racing is a popular sport on Newport beach, something that the numerous yachting clubs on the beach practice regularly.

However, if you don’t want to take part in the sport and would instead like to make a luxurious cruising experience on your yacht, Newport beach yacht rentals have many options for that as well.

Spend Your Money on a Right Yacht Rentals

OCYachtRentals – a Newport beach yacht rental – provide for exquisite yachting experiences. If you have a romantic evening in mind and want to surprise your beau with a luxurious yacht experience for your anniversary, or if you’re getting married and want to plan a stylish bachelor party, OC Yacht Rentals are there to customize your event and make your experience unforgettable.

Yacht weddings, Catalina tours, corporate events to leave your employees awestruck, sunset cruises, vow renewals and what not – a yacht is perfect to add a bit of splendour to it. From private events to fishing excursions, this private yacht rental Newport Beach CA can organize it all. Call 949-662-8069 to book your sail today.

Private Yacht Charters – Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Are you searching for the choices to create everlasting recollections for your family, friends or organization? Have you ever been thinking of bespoken yacht-based events in your mind however are confused with regards to the approach forward?

Your recollections and events may be created immortal by hiring the most effective Newport Beach yacht rentals for your personal and company occasions.

Why buy a yacht when you can rent a yacht at an affordable price?

In this blog, we have a tendency to shall throw light on how yacht charters and rentals will assist you to notice your want of vacationing or holidaying on yachts while not having to possess one. Read on to understand some standard benefits of a yacht charter rather than buying for one.

1. Cost Savings

The possession of a personal yacht is akin to owning a white elephant. The act incurs expensive maintenance prices and can burn a hole in your pocket.

Just in case you are doing not possess a personal dock then you will need to search for a parking lot within the native workplace or dockage.

The added job of taking care of the upkeep of the hull to forestall the smallest of leaks may be quite onerous furthermore.

In general, tons of cash would go into guaranteeing that your yacht remains in top-notch operating condition in any respect times, notwithstanding however oftentimes you utilize it during a year. Given this situation, is it less cheap to easily rent a yacht once you would like to?

2. Selections

Be it for a company event, bachelor’s party, sunset cruise, film shoot, anniversaries, birthdays or simply about the other occasion, you’d definitely need to explore totally different selections that fall in line along with your setup.

The advantage of seeking personal yacht rentals is that you just will open yourself to totally different avenues. Instead of banking on your purchased yacht solely, you’ll be able to devour a special yacht as per your varied desires.

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For instance, if you’re coming up with a fishing expedition with friends, you’d not mind studying a smaller yacht rather than maneuvering through totally different larger alternatives off Newport’s coastal beach.

You’ll additionally need to explore separate alternatives of enormous, luxurious yachts and event packages to cater to special events like company parties – they offer all requisite amenities sort of a pool, a fully-stocked bar, and the likes.

3. Fits Your Budget

Last however not least; by opting to rent out a yacht rather than getting it, you get to pick out a luxury yacht charter in accordance along with your budget.

You ought to not look to pick out the more expensive options once yachts within the cheaper price vary are out there for grabs.

These days, the most effective yacht rental corporations in Newport supply a large choice of models for his or her customers to settle on from – choose the most effective one inside your budget.

The Way Forward

Are you able to produce lasting memories for your friends and family? It’s an honest plan to explore the different yacht fleets on the cards to require care of your few-hour cruising, parties, special occasions, and company events with a varied variety of attendees.

All aforesaid you would like not to own a yacht to enjoy an opulent cruise. View the yacht rentals at for the most effective alternatives of cruising experiences.

The company customizes your events with the intent of personalizing all event desires to perfection – be it endless menu choices, the right ambiance, beverage selections, custom playlists, and far more!