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Packing Essentials for Next Yacht Charter

Your luxury yacht charter Newport Beach vacation is booked, you are excited to go sailing, and then you realize you have no idea what you should pack! Chartering yacht rentals at Newport beach is a different kind of vacation from a hotel stay. It is a great idea to organize your sailing packing list so that you don’t forget anything. In addition to your clothes and personal items, you’ll need to pack some essential sailing items and emergency items to avoid a mishap.

Essential Things to Know About Packing Before Next Yacht Charter

Review the list of what your boat comes with, and then make sure that you bring the rest of the essential items. The following tips will help you pack the right things, make the most of your space, and ensure that you have everything you need.

Preparations before the Travel:

  • Make sure you check the wind and weather forecasts in advance of your luxury yacht charter at Newport Beach
  • Make a list of everything you plan to bring. Eliminate a handful of items you thought you needed that you now realize you don’t. Continue until you are packed light & tight the next day.
  • You may want to bring clothing that you no longer need. Donate them to a local charity, use them as a cleaning towel, or throw them away. In this way, you will have space to bring gifts, mementos, wine, etc. back home.

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Packing For the Travel

Pack accordingly, as a yacht charter is very different from a resort vacation or cruise vacation. So don’t pack according to your usual routine. There is limited space onboard for luggage, so packing for yacht rental at Newport Beach may require some restraint.

Packing for Yacht RentalLuggage

As a first step, you should consider taking soft-sided luggage that will be easy to fold away, since there is often limited space on a luxury yacht rental at Newport Beach. Pack your stuff in duffel bags, which can be stored easily. Suitcases made of hard materials are difficult to store and may scratch and damage woodwork and paint.


When guests are on board, most Newport Beach yacht rentals have a “bare feet” rule. It is advisable to wear tennis shoes and white sandals with rubber soles when on the deck. Sandals with stiletto heels can damage the teak decking, while black soled shoes can leave unsightly scuff marks, so they are not allowed. You can wear land shoes ashore, but be sure to remove them when returning to the boat.


On a luxury yacht, you can expect to wear summer clothing such as bathing suits, light t-shirts, skirts, and shorts. If you are planning to spend time in the sun, sea, and sand, pack clothes that will keep you cool. Pack some light cotton or linen trousers, collared shirts, and summer dresses if you plan to eat ashore since most establishments have a “smart casual” dress code. Bring t-shirts to protect your skin from the sun if you plan on taking to the water or riding a Jet Ski.

Sun Protection

Despite the sea breeze, the tropical sun and its reflections from white surfaces and the water can cause sunburn. Sunglasses, hats, caps, and sunscreen with a high SPF rating are absolute essentials, as are long-sleeved clothing for protection from the sun during the day and soothing lotion for skin protection. Teak decks and sunbed cushions can be stained with tanning oil, so crews prefer that you leave it behind.

Personal Items

You will have plenty of time to yourself on the Newport Yacht Rental charter. It is a good idea to pack a few good books or magazines, a personal music player, and of course a camera (preferably water-resistant) to capture all the memorable moments. Don’t forget your mobile and camera chargers, batteries, and power cords. Also, carry some waterproof bags for all important documents.

Medical Supplies

In some destinations, it may be difficult to fulfill foreign prescriptions. You should bring any medicine you need in its original packaging with your doctor’s authorization.

Some Useful tips

  • Keep your valuables at home, especially those that aren’t waterproof.
  • Don’t pack too much clothing; you might not wear half of it.
  • Don’t forget to pack an extra bag for souvenirs.
  • Bringing more than one hat is a good idea since the wind occasionally takes your hat.
  • It is hard to find things like camera batteries in non-touristy areas. Take them with you.

Final Words

Chartering a yacht is the ultimate getaway from everyday life. It’s the perfect way to unwind. Contact your Newport Yacht Rental charter agent today, the crew will make every effort to cater to your personal preferences and make your yacht feel as if it’s your home away from home during your charter.