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Packing Essentials for Next Yacht Charter

Your luxury yacht charter Newport Beach vacation is booked, you are excited to go sailing, and then you realize you have no idea what you should pack! Chartering yacht rentals at Newport beach is a different kind of vacation from a hotel stay. It is a great idea to organize your sailing packing list so that you don’t forget anything. In addition to your clothes and personal items, you’ll need to pack some essential sailing items and emergency items to avoid a mishap.

Essential Things to Know About Packing Before Next Yacht Charter

Review the list of what your boat comes with, and then make sure that you bring the rest of the essential items. The following tips will help you pack the right things, make the most of your space, and ensure that you have everything you need.

Preparations before the Travel:

  • Make sure you check the wind and weather forecasts in advance of your luxury yacht charter at Newport Beach
  • Make a list of everything you plan to bring. Eliminate a handful of items you thought you needed that you now realize you don’t. Continue until you are packed light & tight the next day.
  • You may want to bring clothing that you no longer need. Donate them to a local charity, use them as a cleaning towel, or throw them away. In this way, you will have space to bring gifts, mementos, wine, etc. back home.

For further assistance, talk to experts at OC Yacht Rentals – a leading name offering Newport Beach yacht rentals. Call or Text: 949-662-8069

Packing For the Travel

Pack accordingly, as a yacht charter is very different from a resort vacation or cruise vacation. So don’t pack according to your usual routine. There is limited space onboard for luggage, so packing for yacht rental at Newport Beach may require some restraint.

Packing for Yacht RentalLuggage

As a first step, you should consider taking soft-sided luggage that will be easy to fold away, since there is often limited space on a luxury yacht rental at Newport Beach. Pack your stuff in duffel bags, which can be stored easily. Suitcases made of hard materials are difficult to store and may scratch and damage woodwork and paint.


When guests are on board, most Newport Beach yacht rentals have a “bare feet” rule. It is advisable to wear tennis shoes and white sandals with rubber soles when on the deck. Sandals with stiletto heels can damage the teak decking, while black soled shoes can leave unsightly scuff marks, so they are not allowed. You can wear land shoes ashore, but be sure to remove them when returning to the boat.


On a luxury yacht, you can expect to wear summer clothing such as bathing suits, light t-shirts, skirts, and shorts. If you are planning to spend time in the sun, sea, and sand, pack clothes that will keep you cool. Pack some light cotton or linen trousers, collared shirts, and summer dresses if you plan to eat ashore since most establishments have a “smart casual” dress code. Bring t-shirts to protect your skin from the sun if you plan on taking to the water or riding a Jet Ski.

Sun Protection

Despite the sea breeze, the tropical sun and its reflections from white surfaces and the water can cause sunburn. Sunglasses, hats, caps, and sunscreen with a high SPF rating are absolute essentials, as are long-sleeved clothing for protection from the sun during the day and soothing lotion for skin protection. Teak decks and sunbed cushions can be stained with tanning oil, so crews prefer that you leave it behind.

Personal Items

You will have plenty of time to yourself on the Newport Yacht Rental charter. It is a good idea to pack a few good books or magazines, a personal music player, and of course a camera (preferably water-resistant) to capture all the memorable moments. Don’t forget your mobile and camera chargers, batteries, and power cords. Also, carry some waterproof bags for all important documents.

Medical Supplies

In some destinations, it may be difficult to fulfill foreign prescriptions. You should bring any medicine you need in its original packaging with your doctor’s authorization.

Some Useful tips

  • Keep your valuables at home, especially those that aren’t waterproof.
  • Don’t pack too much clothing; you might not wear half of it.
  • Don’t forget to pack an extra bag for souvenirs.
  • Bringing more than one hat is a good idea since the wind occasionally takes your hat.
  • It is hard to find things like camera batteries in non-touristy areas. Take them with you.

Final Words

Chartering a yacht is the ultimate getaway from everyday life. It’s the perfect way to unwind. Contact your Newport Yacht Rental charter agent today, the crew will make every effort to cater to your personal preferences and make your yacht feel as if it’s your home away from home during your charter.

Rent a Private Yacht for Your Next Holiday Party

Do you have an upcoming special event that you want to celebrate in a grand style? Plan a memorable event like a yacht party rental in Newport Beach for your honeymoon, bachelorette party, birthday party, holiday party, or any other event! Choose from a variety of sailboats, catamarans, motorboats, and yachts, to host a remarkable party worthy of being the stand-out event of the season!

The celebration of all things decadent, classy and stylish is a hallmark of the party world, with hosts and guests alike judging each other by what they wear to who they choose to attend with. The most impressive way to make your party truly memorable is to have it aboard your private yacht rental at Newport Beach.

For those who are planning to host an impressive soiree on their Newport Beach yacht charters, here are some top tips to ensure the party is a major hit.

Selecting the Vessel

What type of vessel will host your party is the very first thing you need to decide. You may want to choose a modern vessel that will astonish your guests or a vintage vessel that has been lovingly restored. Yachts in dry dock that look wear and tear and have been abandoned for a few years will not exude the right atmosphere.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your yachts to meet the standard your guests are expecting or wish to expand your collection while hosting a party, Newport yacht rentals offer a stunning collection of yachts that will be a great party venue. These magnificent vessels are masterpieces of marine engineering and crafted to navigate open expanses of water perfectly.

Choosing the Location

It can be a great experience to host a get together at private yacht rental at Newport Beach because you can travel to any of the world’s most scenic ports and stay there. Alternatively, you can meet your guests by the shore and take them on a sail into the sunset while you feast.


While you have the choice, consider whether your guests will be comfortable sailing, whether you need entertainment and other amenities onboard during the party, and how many provisions your vessel can store. Consider your choices carefully before you shortlist Newport yacht rentals so that you can plan a party everyone will enjoy.

Preparing the Guest List

Unless yacht parties are planned carefully, they tend to attract more attendees than expected. Make sure you choose the guest list carefully. Yachts have a limited capacity, and with staff to consider, you need to be selective about who you invite. You should invite guests who are already familiar with one another. This will make everyone’s time at your yacht party rental at Newport Beach pleasant.

Specify a Dress

The invitation must include all the details, including what guests are expected to wear. However, it is very important that you choose a dress code that will allow everyone to feel comfortable, confident, and chic and not dictate what they wear. As the host, it is your responsibility to adhere to your dress code, because everyone else will feel obliged to follow your example. Dress appropriately and look as good as you feel by offering advice to anyone uncertain.

Theme Your Party Around the Holiday/Occasion

A theme can help bring your event together, especially if you’re hosting it at a specific time of the year like Christmas, New Year’s, or a specific occasion like a wedding or anniversary. Choose your theme wisely and explain it to all your guests, so that everyone knows what to wear and what type of food to serve.

Recruit Reliable Staff

Now that the details of the private yacht rental at Newport Beach have been planned, you need to make practical decisions, such as who will serve the food and greet your guests. To do so, you will need to hire dedicated and professional staff who have worked at exclusive parties before. Hire an elite team from experienced private yacht rental for your soiree.

Menu Onboard

You should create a menu that indulgent cocktails and delicious food will complement when entertaining guests. Work with your catering team to create an impressive menu that can be customized to accommodate the limitations of being on a yacht. Creating a menu for a premier event can be challenging, but if you put some thought into it, you’ll be able to please everyone and ensure they remember your food as fondly as they do the event itself.

A party’s success depends on the harmonious coordination of a myriad of small and large details. This can be overwhelming, especially if you are planning to host a party at Newport Beach yacht charters since there are many more details to consider. Take advantage of these tips to plan a memorable celebration that your guests will remember fondly for many years to come.

Planning a holiday or hosting a private party at Newport Beach yacht charters can truly be a wonderful experience. At OC Yacht Rentals, we will help you plan and enjoy some of the best moments of your life on a yacht.

What is an Exclusive Yacht Charter?

Which Experiences can be Expected with Exclusive Yacht Charter?

If you’ve dreamt of sailing on crystal blue waters on your own private yacht, you are not alone. Luxury Yachts are considered the apex of wealth, designed to offer grandeur and larger-than-life experiences on pristine waters.

Decked with multiple amenities, multiple bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, onboard pool, a helipad and much more, a yacht is like heaven descended on high seas.

Although everyone desires to live a posh life on a yacht, not everybody has the budget to purchase one. With a private yacht charter in Newport Beach, you can live a grand life without burning a hole in your pocket.

You can charter your very yacht for a weekend getaway, extended vacations, or even for a corporate event. Here’s how your experiences will be on a private yacht.

What makes up an Exclusive Yacht Charter?

The process of chartering your dream luxury yacht is an experience in itself. You get to collaborate with private yacht rentals who will carefully identify your finer needs and aspirations and will further help you shortlist some of the perfect yachts that suit you.

You will also get in touch with a seasoned captain who will masterfully prepare an itinerary based on years of sailing experience.

The captain and the crew will sit with you and make a list of preferences, down to what time you wake up and whether you will have a salad or a croissant in the breakfast.

The crew will leave no stone unturned to fulfill all your wildest expectations. And this is even before you have sea waters insight.

Once you board the yacht, you will experience some of the finest customer services at par with some of the top 5-star hotels or resorts in the world. The crew will offer top-notch hospitality to ensure that you are pampered like a baby.

Even the onboard captain shares years of experience by navigating the yacht course and taking you the popular spots and hidden gems, all as per your liking and taste.

Fully Customized Private Yacht Charter Experience

On your private yacht, you will have the services of a top-class chef who will be queueing up with some of the finest and fresh delicacies every single day.

meals, food, drink, dessert

Image credit:

These delicacies will be catered to suit your personal taste & preferences and will surely leave you wanting more after every meal. You can also request the chef to come up with authentic and locally available, and popular cuisines.

What you’ll really feel once you are on board your private yacht charter is that the world has come to a standstill. Time has stopped for you, and people around are there to make you feel pampered, loved & happy.

All of these are made possible by knowing your specific taste and preferences, even before you put a step on the yacht. The yacht crew will have extensive discussions with you and will try to know your favourite meals, food, drink, desserts, activities, and more.

Your Own Private Luxury Yacht

As per the contractual terms, once you board the yacht, it will, in totality, be your own private yacht. What it truly means is that you will be the boss of the yacht, and you will have complete and unrestricted access to any of the yacht’s amenities and areas.

Owning a private yacht will be an exclusive and exceptional experience, making you feel stand out from others with no waiting and no queues.

The kind of special hospitality tailored to your particular likings will make you feel on top of the world. The crew and captain will explore all the available possibilities to ensure that you live the best times of your life on your private yacht. Everything on board will be yours to cherish, and the experience, the moments will stay with you for a lifetime.

OCYachtRentals – the Best in the Business

OCYachtRentals has a rich history of providing exquisite experiences of private yacht charter in Newport Beach. Whether it’s a personal outing with your special one, a friends’ get-together, or a corporate team bonding trip, OC Yacht Rentals, famous for its private yacht rental at Newport Beach. Let’s create tailored experiences that give lifetime memories.

Top 5 Beach to Charter a Yacht

Ontario’s pristine waters, delightful banks, and world-class marinas are perfect for a yachting experience. One thing that you must not, however, leave out of your yacht itinerary is a day at a beach club. Whether it is a historical wonder that you want to visit, or a terrace dance club lit by a full moon that you want to groove at, Toronto beaches have it all. And what better way to cover it all than take a yacht from Orange County yacht rentals ca?

Below are the top 5 beaches to charter a yacht:

1. Sauble Beach

218 kilometres away from the city of Toronto, it is a seven-kilometre stretch of white sand. From swimming, surfing, eating to kiteboarding – it has it all. It is a must-visit if you have kids – the sandcastle building is really fun with the fine white sand. Also, you can experience one of the best sunsets here. Sauble beach is one of the ‘Top 10 beaches in the world as rated by Toronto Star.

2. Cherry Beach

If you want to stop for a cliché picnic under the trees, this is your place. Little pooches running around with their owners, surfers and kiteboarders on a show and a nice small Fry truck make this a favourite. You would also find one of the best sailing clubs and schools near Cherry Beach. This is one of the beaches that remain calm during summers, and its waters are warmer than any other beach on Lake Ontario.

3. Hanlan’s Point Beach

Situated near Toronto Islands, Hanlan’s Point Beach has been a traditional sunbathing spot. One of the most preferred beaches in Toronto, it also has a ‘clothing optional’ beach area which was approved in 2002. Despite being in close proximity to the Toronto Harbor, it boasts of great water quality, making swimming a good experience. Yachting is quite popular here, and one can find numerous yacht chartering services on Hanlan’s Point. You’d often see a sailboat in a setting sun picture of this Canadian beach.

4. Woodbine Beach

Located in Toronto, this urban beach is a very popular waterfront. The nearest beach to a residential area in Toronto, Woodbine is the largest beach with all sorts of water sports facilities. Located next to the Kew – Balmy Beach and Ashbridge’s Bay, this is a part of the Woodbine Beach Park.

5. Newport Beach

Now if you’re into yachting, Newport beach may be the right place to be at. Because at Newport, yachting is not just an activity – it’s a lifestyle, designed by the best of Newport beach yacht rentals. Yacht racing is a popular sport on Newport beach, something that the numerous yachting clubs on the beach practice regularly.

However, if you don’t want to take part in the sport and would instead like to make a luxurious cruising experience on your yacht, Newport beach yacht rentals have many options for that as well.

Spend Your Money on a Right Yacht Rentals

OCYachtRentals – a Newport beach yacht rental – provide for exquisite yachting experiences. If you have a romantic evening in mind and want to surprise your beau with a luxurious yacht experience for your anniversary, or if you’re getting married and want to plan a stylish bachelor party, OC Yacht Rentals are there to customize your event and make your experience unforgettable.

Yacht weddings, Catalina tours, corporate events to leave your employees awestruck, sunset cruises, vow renewals and what not – a yacht is perfect to add a bit of splendour to it. From private events to fishing excursions, this private yacht rental Newport Beach CA can organize it all. Call 949-662-8069 to book your sail today.


Do you want to enter the yacht rentals Newport Beach, CA, business? It is the perfect time to own a yacht and rent it out. Today, more people are looking for luxury yacht rentals than ever. It provides them relaxation, peace, and enjoyment that they can’t find on land. Yachts are an amazing way to experience a vibrance vacation on the ocean.

But most people think that owning a yacht is for entrepreneurs and high-end professionals or executives. However, you don’t have to be that for starting a yacht rentals business. You can buy a yacht and rent it out to earn income and become wealthy. Yet it is not an easy task.

Why Rent a Luxury Yacht?

Buying a yacht is a challenging task. There are so many options to choose from because you want to let customers get the best luxury yacht rentals experience. In this article, we will look at a few points that will help you understand how to choose the perfect yacht for your yacht charter Newport Beach, business.

How to choose the perfect yacht for your business

There are a few factors involved that you need to take care of while owning your yacht before you can rent it to customers. While the cost is a major factor, there’s a lot more to be known about yacht renting than you can imagine. Here are a few factors that can help you choose the yacht wisely –

1. Yacht type

First of all – decide what type of yacht you want to rent out. There are standard yachts, mega yachts, and superyachts. Standard yachts are around 150 feet long. Megayachts are around 100 to 200 feet long. Superyachts are way over 200 feet long. The type of yacht depends upon whom you want to serve and your budget. You can provide a luxury yacht rentals experience even with a standard yacht.

2. Budget

The next factor you need to consider for yacht rentals is the budget. Yachts have a price in millions of dollars, sometimes. So you have to be careful about how much you want to spend. You can also buy yachts from people who want to load them off. You can find sellers who are often willing to take a low price for their yacht just because they want to get out of the business. The condition of their yachts is often great, and they have no problem charging low prices.

3. Maintenance

Apart from the price of a yacht, maintaining a yacht can also be daunting. Yacht renting involves heavy maintenance because it is all about the customer experience. You need to have a clean boat, provide the best services, have the space ready for parties, and much more. Apart from that, the technical costs, maintenance costs, upgrades, etc. will cost you heavily. So make sure that you include the yearly maintenance cost of the yacht in the price before you buy it. It will help you properly divide how much the yacht costs every year and when you can take out your money.

4. Economy

Luxury yacht rentals depend a lot upon the performance of the economy as well. If there are high-income people, your business is set to boom. Holidays are a good time to offer yacht rentals CA because most people are looking to go on a vacation. Even when the economy is not performing well, there are wealthy people who want to have the experience. Ensure that you analyze the economy before starting your business.

Yacht renting is a lucrative business. However, choosing the right yacht is the most important part of it. Keeping the above points in mind, you can easily start your business and earn great money.

Private Yacht Charters – Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Are you searching for the choices to create everlasting recollections for your family, friends or organization? Have you ever been thinking of bespoken yacht-based events in your mind however are confused with regards to the approach forward?

Your recollections and events may be created immortal by hiring the most effective Newport Beach yacht rentals for your personal and company occasions.

Why buy a yacht when you can rent a yacht at an affordable price?

In this blog, we have a tendency to shall throw light on how yacht charters and rentals will assist you to notice your want of vacationing or holidaying on yachts while not having to possess one. Read on to understand some standard benefits of a yacht charter rather than buying for one.

1. Cost Savings

The possession of a personal yacht is akin to owning a white elephant. The act incurs expensive maintenance prices and can burn a hole in your pocket.

Just in case you are doing not possess a personal dock then you will need to search for a parking lot within the native workplace or dockage.

The added job of taking care of the upkeep of the hull to forestall the smallest of leaks may be quite onerous furthermore.

In general, tons of cash would go into guaranteeing that your yacht remains in top-notch operating condition in any respect times, notwithstanding however oftentimes you utilize it during a year. Given this situation, is it less cheap to easily rent a yacht once you would like to?

2. Selections

Be it for a company event, bachelor’s party, sunset cruise, film shoot, anniversaries, birthdays or simply about the other occasion, you’d definitely need to explore totally different selections that fall in line along with your setup.

The advantage of seeking personal yacht rentals is that you just will open yourself to totally different avenues. Instead of banking on your purchased yacht solely, you’ll be able to devour a special yacht as per your varied desires.

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For instance, if you’re coming up with a fishing expedition with friends, you’d not mind studying a smaller yacht rather than maneuvering through totally different larger alternatives off Newport’s coastal beach.

You’ll additionally need to explore separate alternatives of enormous, luxurious yachts and event packages to cater to special events like company parties – they offer all requisite amenities sort of a pool, a fully-stocked bar, and the likes.

3. Fits Your Budget

Last however not least; by opting to rent out a yacht rather than getting it, you get to pick out a luxury yacht charter in accordance along with your budget.

You ought to not look to pick out the more expensive options once yachts within the cheaper price vary are out there for grabs.

These days, the most effective yacht rental corporations in Newport supply a large choice of models for his or her customers to settle on from – choose the most effective one inside your budget.

The Way Forward

Are you able to produce lasting memories for your friends and family? It’s an honest plan to explore the different yacht fleets on the cards to require care of your few-hour cruising, parties, special occasions, and company events with a varied variety of attendees.

All aforesaid you would like not to own a yacht to enjoy an opulent cruise. View the yacht rentals at for the most effective alternatives of cruising experiences.

The company customizes your events with the intent of personalizing all event desires to perfection – be it endless menu choices, the right ambiance, beverage selections, custom playlists, and far more!

How to Tip your Yacht Charter Crew

It would not be wrong to say that almost every charter guest faces a dilemma on how much to tip a yacht charter crew. The truth is that there is no hard and fast rule for tipping, or the right amount of tipping is clearly a debatable matter. However, just like you tip the bellman or the person who carries your luggage, you are also expected to tip the crew of your luxury yacht charter California. Usually, brokers suggest you pay from 5 to 20% of your base charter fee as a tip, based on your yacht and location. Tipping is definitely not mandatory, and it is completely customer-driven. Guidelines are always there but the final decision always depends on the customer. You must know that tipping is not a crew’s salary.

5 Useful Tips for Luxury Yacht Charter Holidays with Kids

The concept of tips falls under the thanksgiving department and it depends on the services they offer and a customer’s satisfaction level. In order to clear all the confusion regarding tipping your yacht charter, I have answered some of the commonly asked questions in this blog that will help you make a decision on this.

1. How much should you tip?

It all mainly depends on three main factors

  • The location of your trip
  • The time duration of the trip and
  • The base fee of your charter

Usually, tips amounts are set within the range of 15% of the base fee as suggested by the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association. You can simply ask your broker whether the yacht follows the guidelines of the MYBA. It will be easier for you to know what they expect from you.

2. How do you know if the crew will be satisfied with the amount?

When you are not sure about how much does the crew expects from you as a tip, it is better to ask and confirm from your broker whether the yacht supports the recommended guidelines of the MYBA. Even if he fails to give you a proper answer, you can ask about the previous trips to get a clear picture of the matter.

3. When is the right time to give tip?

Tips are better to be given at the end of your yacht charter California. This is because only after that you can decide how much you are satisfied with the trip. You must also keep in mind that there are many crew members that work behind the scenes to offer you a satisfactory and enjoyable trip. They usually do not get the scope to interact with you or build a relationship with you that might help them get more cash from you. So if you leave the tip only for the bartender or room service, it would not be a fair decision. You must save your tip for the end of your journey.

The Ultimate Guide on Chartering a Crewed Super Yacht

4. Who gets the tip?

The amount that you spend as a tip to the crew members is distributed amongst the captain, chef, other members of the deck crew, steward or stewardess and maid. You must hand over the tip to the captain at the end of your trip that he or she will distribute among them.

5. What if the trip fails to satisfy you

Above everything else, a tip should be based on your experience with the crew. If you think they have failed to satisfy you with their service, adjust the amount according to what you feel will be suitable for them.

5 Useful Tips for Luxury Yacht Charter Holidays with Kids

Families, who wish to spend their vacation on a luxury yacht with their kids, have completely different needs as compared to the needs of the couples who opt for a luxury cruise holiday for relaxation. Finding a private luxury yacht charter Newport Beach that is well aware of these needs is important to make your holidays memorable with kids. This is because the success and failure of your holidays highly depend on the yacht company you choose. Here are some useful tips that you can use to find an efficient yacht company for a fun-filled family vacation.

1. Check the safety measures

Safety is the biggest concern for every parent when it comes to ensuring their children’s well-being. They often wish to have eyes in the back of their heads to always keep a watch on their children and what they are doing. This becomes more important during a vacation where you want to relax knowing that your little ones are free from any kind of danger.

2. Have a look at the arrangements for kids entertainment on the yacht

While planning a holiday on a cruise with your family, you need to keep in mind that the holiday is not for you only it is for your entire family. Children get easily bored and that is why they need constant motivation to fight off the boredom blues. So it is better to look for luxury yacht charters that are equipped with an abundance of toys and entertainment including state-of-the-art electrical entertainment systems, games consoles, music systems, inflatables, and waterslides.

3. Select twin beds instead of double beds

Children often prefer beds of their own in comparison to double or king-sized beds. If children are comfortable in the journey, you will also be comfortable. So before finalizing a luxury yacht charter company, make sure that they offer you an option of a twin bed. Some companies even offer nanny cabins when you are travelling with a baby or a toddler.

4. Does Your Yacht Charter offer Child-Friendly Itineraries?

When the yacht reaches its destination, your children might feel that this is the end of their entertainment. So it is better to ask your yacht company whether child-friendly destinations are added to the itinerary. This makes the entire journey equally joyful for children. Child-friendly destinations usually have water parks or amusement parks and child-friendly beaches.

5. Don’t hesitate to ask about the nature of the crew

Charter yachts are usually available in different sizes and shapes that serve different purposes. So when you are planning a vacation with your entire family on a yacht make sure that you ask your yacht charter broker while choosing a yacht, whether the crew is motivated about engaging with children. Some staff members might also have nanny qualifications but of course, that does not mean they will be a full-time nanny.

Children need extra care and that is why we need to be cautious while travelling with them. Follow these above-mentioned tips to ensure that you and your kids get a joyful holiday. For more assistance on this, you can always contact Yacht Rentals in OC.

Guidelines to Book a Yacht Charter Company for your Trip

When you search for yacht companies on Google, it shows you a plethora of yacht companies that have impressive websites and claim to be the best in the market. If all seem to be good then how do you make your decision? It becomes truly confusing, right? To narrow down your options and simplify your decision so that you can enjoy your vacation without any hassle, we have come up with a list of guidelines that will help you choose a genuine yacht company. Here is the list

* Interview

You can start your research by asking the following questions to the yacht charter company which will give you valuable insight into the company.

  • How many corporate and yacht incentive groups have they booked? Who are their prominent clients?
  • What kind of on-site support do they offer for their corporate groups?
  • Are they willing to give you a detailed day-to-day itinerary including group activities?
  • Who is in charge of group activities and onsite management?

* Cruise duration

The time period you have planned to spend on a boat is very important because it is easy to spend a weekend at sea in a smaller boat whereas a week-long cruising vacation can only be comfortable if everyone has sufficient space to live. Moreover, the duration also has an impact on your expenses as some companies offer discounts for longer stays so make sure you decide about the time duration before starting your research.

* Space and layout

It would be smart to decide on the number of people who will join you on this journey and be aware of their relationships. For example, in case you’re planning a trip with a couple of friends, cabin space and setup won’t be of major concern, but if there will be couples only, you need to ensure that there is equal (or almost) cabin space for everyone.

Again, if you have kids in your group, a large cabin and one or two with bunk beds will probably be an ideal choice. Avoid hiring a boat on which someone will have to sleep in the salon. This is because if you’re renting for more than a weekend, cramped spaces and lack of privacy can ruin an otherwise well-planned journey.

* Costs

When the charter and navigation costs are shared with you, you need to make sure that you take into consideration everyone’s possibilities and decide on a fixed amount. To know the cost, yacht rental companies are an excellent way to sort your choices. However, you need to keep in mind that there might be some additional costs involved like the skipper, deposit, fuel, docking and other charges at some marinas. So don’t forget to look at the terms and conditions section of a company to get an idea about that.

* Purpose and type of Yacht

So when you have finalized the cost and time duration of your holiday, your next step is to think about the kind of yacht you want and the purpose of your rental. For instance, If you have plans to sail with a professional crew onboard, go for a beautiful and luxury equipped sailing boat where relaxation is guaranteed. On the other hand, if you have plans to do the sailing yourself then look for the boats that suit your level of expertise and are technically superior even if they don’t look that impressive.

Follow these above-mentioned tips to make your holidays enjoyable and memorable. So apart from relying on Google for for private yacht rentals Newport Beach, you can always use these guidelines to find the right yacht charter company.