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How to Choose Transport for Your Adventure Party?

Sailing on a yacht, exploring miles of pristine coastline, partying with friends, and having a whole lot of adventure fun – if this sounds like your idea of the perfect summer vacation with friends, then a yacht adventure party is perfect for you.

A yacht party adventure is the ideal holiday adventure for sailing enthusiasts who enjoy partying, relaxing, and sailing onboard a yacht. An Adventure Yacht Party is more than just a weekend party on a luxury yacht charter at Newport Beach; it’s about giving friends and family an unforgettable experience. Chartering a private party yacht presents this wonderful opportunity to celebrate, relax and be able to take advantage of the onboard water sports equipment.

Here are few points you should consider before you plan your sailing adventure.

Selecting the Vessel

All vessels have a maximum capacity within which they must operate. A clear understanding of your guest numbers is essential as you plan your yacht rental party so that you can book the right vessel for the size of your group. Allowing a little room for changes in guest numbers is a good idea, but remember that you’re locking in that particular vessel when you confirm your booking.

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Keeping in mind that the cheapest yacht rental at Newport Beach may not meet your needs or, in contrast, the most expensive option may be superior. A larger, older boat, for instance, may cost the same amount as a newer, smaller vessel because of its age, condition, and onboard facilities.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to blow your budget to get what you want. You’ll have a clear understanding of the costs when you weigh your budget options before you depart.


Experienced Newport Beach yacht rental brokers should be able to suggest the best locations if you do not have a specific location in mind. Moreover, your charter broker should be familiar with the crew onboard each yacht.

Make sure to specify the type of charter ride you desire and the destination preferences. How would you like to travel? When is the best time to cruise? What type of experience you choose and when you want to travel will determine the location of the yacht charter?

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Newport yacht rentals charters will have a wide range of amenities that will vary according to their specifications. Charter yachts can be upscale floating resorts. They offer a variety of activities and entertainment options, plus you can head ashore often if you crave a change of scenery. You just need to decide what amenities are most important to you.

Onboard activities

There are endless activities on the yacht to keep you entertained. Looking for some fun? Enjoy the onboard jump, a cocktail party, or a night out at your beach club. Would you like to give something a try? Learn how to make a cocktail with the interior crew or take a cooking class with the chef.

From spa soaks to night-long yacht parties, whether you prefer a classy cocktail hour with friends or a dinner party with lots of wine, it’s all possible with a luxury yacht charter at Newport Beach.

Aquatic Activities

When you’re on a yacht charter, the sea is your oyster. If you choose a luxury yacht charter at Newport Beach, you’ll have your choice of water toys and activities. Tenders, kayaks, sea bobs, paddleboards, and jet skis are just a few of the options available. Fancy a swim? Check out the coral up close while snorkeling. There is no doubt that almost everyone enjoys the thrill of gliding down the yacht’s slide.

Land Activities

There is something delightful and exotic about luxury yacht charters at Newport Beach. From the epic seaside towns to the deserted islands, these yacht charters can take you anywhere. The experiences onshore are simply breathtaking.

No matter what port of call you choose, you’ll find a new destination or experience at every stage of your journey. If you need suggestions, you can ask your interior crew. You can also enjoy ATV tours, hiking, cliff-diving, tours, wine tastings, dancing, and beach picnics depending on your destination.

Concluding thoughts…

Booking and choosing the right kind of vessel for a perfect sailing adventure party can be a daunting task, so we put everything you need at your fingertips to make that happen.

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Boat Rental vs. Yacht Charter

How Boat Rental Differs From the Yacht Charter?

Renting a boat or chartering a yacht may sound similar at first. The activities, however, are different in terms of the sailing experience and amenities offered. In both cases, you have to pay for using the boat. Top Things to Know

Boat Rental: The Concept

Usually, boats that are small in size and can be used for personal purposes are rented. One can rent a boat for varying time periods, spanning from few hours to a whole day. The boats that are rented are commonly motorboats, which are pretty fast, or powerboats, which can be inflated. For short trips, one can rent a plastic boat of a small size.

When a boat is rented, one gains exclusive ownership of the same for the duration of the rental period. The route, experience type, and additional accessories, all have to be managed by you. Boats can be rented for fishing, engaging in water sports, etc.

Yacht Charter: The Concept

When you charter a yacht Newport Beach, you generally do it for long periods (a week or more). Yachts are bigger than your average boat. Also, yachts come fitted with modern luxuries and amenities so the passengers can spend their time in comfort.

A yacht charter can be of 3 types.

1. Bareboat Charter

When a yacht is chartered, only the boat is made available. All expenses related to fuel, port clearance fee, food, beverages, hired crew, etc., have to be borne by the renter. One needs to produce a valid skipper license for chartering a crewless yacht. The renter has the freedom to do whatever he/she wants. You are, however, still legally responsible for its safety.

2. Cabin Charter

This charter type allows the renter to become a part of the crew. The crew hires the services of a proficient captain for steering the yacht, taking care of necessary provisions, and carrying out important functions. The renter has to pay in order to secure a berth, post which, he/she is free to enjoy the wonders of the sea.

3. Crewed Charter

In this charter type, the renter has the liberty to choose a skipper along with the staff, who would cater to his various needs, while on the yacht.

Modular options are also available for chartering a yacht. One can ask the yacht rental company to provision the yacht and provide a competent captain and crew.

Should You Rent or Charter the Boat?

It all depends on the duration of your journey and the level of comfort you want to experience. If you have prior experience in skippering a yacht and want to enjoy the adventurous thrill all over again, you can charter a yacht.

A boat rental is an ideal option if you don’t want to board a cruise, yet, still want to enjoy the thrills of the water. Also, if its mini trips, a boat rental is a way to go. Else, a yacht is your best bet if the trip lasts for more than a week.

Useful Tips when chartering a yacht in Newport Beach, CA

Some tips for a yacht charter are:-

1. You can ask the charter company to draw your itinerary for you, which aligns with your travel plans. This would eliminate safety and provisioning-related issues.

2. For intervening nights during a trip, you can get the yacht docked at a marina with the help of dockhands. This way, you can avail of freshwater and electricity.

3. If you come across any kind of problem during the trip, you must immediately contact the charter company’s team over the phone or by radio.

4. You can also hire a professional captain for a day or two. This way you can familiarize yourself with the yacht’s workings.

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